Anime, Light Novel, or Manga? Which Do You Prefer? 

Japan is the amazing country not only because the people were there are very active but also because Japan is the producer of many of the animations for the entertainment of everyone.  In Japan you are going to find the Manga books and also anime.  Even light novel is produced from Japan for the adult and teenager to understand easily.  But for everything there are different type of audience. Learn in details about watching อนิเมะ.

Manga is for readers

If you are a person who is of adult mind and you love to read the books for yourself then Manga books are going to be the ideal choice for you.  Not only that a Manga books are very amazing to read but also they are very attractive to look at.  You must have not seen the black and white animation and this wish can be completed by the Manga books because they are produced in the black and white color.

Anime is having the amazing characterization

If you are a person who wants to see the animations and want to learn the storyline by the animation then the anime is the thing for you.  It is going to provide you the amazing understanding of the story line and also the animation is very attractive to look at.

Light novel is for students

If you are a student or you are a person who doesn’t understand the difficult language of the novel then the light novel can be ideal choice for you because it has the easy language to understand.  In the light novel The Story line will be conveyed in the simple language and also the paragraph will be very short for you to comprehend. The light novel is the Japanese novel for the adult in the animated form which can allow the students and teenagers to understand the story line in the simple language. In the original form of the novel the language used by the writer is very difficult to understand for the teenager and this is why the light novel from Japan has been introduced to the world so everyone irrespective of the age can understand the story and enjoy the time.

So now you can understand that which type of animation or which type of book is for which type of audience.  Every audience is thinking differently and every type of audience is deciding differently.  So it is dependent on you that what type of thing you require or you love and at the same time you can afford.  I am saying this thing because the Manga books are very expensive when it comes to the average pricing. Because the page count of the Manga books is a lot and that is why the writer and the company who publishes the books is asking for the justified amount.  If you are interested in reading the Manga books and you are able to afford the Manga books then you can easily get many titles in front of you even if you are living in America.  Different versions of different storylines are published in Japan and at the same time exported to the Western world for the audience interested in that.

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